Pearl's paintings echo the mysteries of the cosmos blending pleasure, humor, magic and drama. She invited us down to her artist studio to check out her new work. There were sculptures of brightly colored moon rocks, huge paintings and lots and lots of spray cans. A punk band played in the background while Pearl told me a little about her interests in Manga, fantasy and listening to NPR on the radio.

Where your parents supportive of your artistic tendencies?

Yes actually they were and still are. Both my parents are creatively inclined though my father isn't 'creative' for his occupation.  I remember both my parents being able to draw well when I was young and my mother has always been creative throughout our lives from her sewing, her cooking and now, in her ceramics and watercolors.  She is very understanding of creative impulses and the priorities of an artistic lifestyle.  I can remember both our parents encouraging mine and my brother's active imaginations.  My mother enrolled me in drawing and cartooning classes as a youth and got me into the 'Saturday High' program at Art Center as a teenager.

Manga sci-fi and the cosmos all find a happy medium in your work. What draws you to those visual cues?

Manga is something that has left me lasting graphic impressions ever since I can remember and something that could tie my experiences together.  As a kid, traveling and moving with my family was especially disorienting to me - we traveled a lot between Los Angeles and cities in Taiwan, but even going to Las Vegas or Yosemite would confuse me.  Asian and American cartoons were something that connected these experiences and places for me.  Drawing cartoons, characters and other graphic styles led me into being interested in communicating ideas and impulses via visual art.